Ready To Grow?

The growth track is a our Membership Class.
​ It is a course designed to help you understand your faith in God.

Sunday, Jan. 28th 2018

Growth Track:

The Growth Track will take place directly after the Sunday 10am service in the staff lounge.  Unfortunately , there will be no child care so please plan accordingly. 

The Growth Track Will Answer 4 Questions:

1. Why Passion Life Church? 
Hear the Vision Of Passion Life Church.
Also we will talk about What Is Salvation & What is Baptism? 
​Who can be saved? What happens when you accept Jesus into your heart?    We will help you discover God's truth regarding salvation.

2. What's God's Heart For The Church?
So what is the purpose of going to church?                                                                 Is the church just a building that I attend?

What if it's much more? Hear God's heart on the purpose of the church.

3. Why The Baptism in The Holy Spirit?
What does the Bible say about the Holy Spirit? 

What happens when I am baptized in the Holy Spirit? 

4. How do I find my place? 
Personality & Spiritual Gifts Test 
Where do I fit? Find your strengths

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