What We Believe

We Believe:​​
Mankind is created in the image and likeness of God, but has been separated from God by sin.
Acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior is God’s only plan of Salvation.

Jesus is our Substitute.   
Communion is received in remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice for us.
God is good. He is for us – Not against us.

It is God’s will that believers prosper and be in health.
God answers prayer & cares about every area of our lives.
God heals through believers “laying hands on the sick in prayer” according to Mark 16.
The Christian lifestyle should agree withGod’s Word.
Church attendance & involvement is necessary for developing a well-balanced Christian life.

Tithing should be a part of every Christian’s life.
The Great Commission compels us to share Jesus Christ with others!
 Jesus Christ will return to the earth, and believers  will reign together with Him!

​​Jesus Became:
-Sin so that we could be made righteous. (II Cor 5:21)
-A curse so that we could be redeemed. (Gal 3:13-14)

-Sick so that we could be healed. (Isaiah 53:3-4)
-Poor so that we could be made rich. (II Cor 8:9)

​​Water Baptism is an outward profession of a          
 person’ inward commitment to Jesus Christ as    

We believe in the baptism of The Holy Spirit,          
speaking in other tongues and the gifts of the
Holy Spirit (Acts 2:4)

Passion Life Church meets at Vista Murrieta High School on Sundays at 10am.
             Address: 28251 Clinton Keith Rd, Murrieta, CA 92563